notes from here to space:

Posted: May 27, 2013 in (Re)Memory, Love, Media

did you know that from the bottom of a well looking skyward i can see the stars during the day?
venus has two continents & lava plains beneath impenetrable clouds of sulphuric acid
phobos & deimos (panic & fear) are moons in synchronous rhythm with red mars
jeans instability is a force overcome & causes interstellar clouds to collapse
blue neptune with its great dark spot discovered because it had to be
thermonuclear fusion in the sun’s core & neutrinos fly to earth
shepherd satellites (prometheus and pandora) herd their flock of rock and ice
& circle endless saturn
pleiades (the seven sisters) maia electra alcyone taygete asterope celaeno merope:
zeus changed them into doves
galileo galilei looked into the sky in 1610
the naked eye can see andromeda 2.2 million light years away
beyond our milky way a hundred billion galaxies
during the first second there was the speed of light





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