Road Trip: getting your dissertation published (first in a series)

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Media

When my friend Natalie heard the news that my manuscript proposal was accepted for publication, she had the brilliant idea (because she is brilliant) that I create a blog to share my experience. Natalie I discovered is also persistent: “You should do it!” So, in the next series of blogs (thanks to Natalie’s tenacity) I’ll share the ups and downs, as well as the detours, road blocks, and occasional clear highways along my journey of turning my dissertation into a book. Also, this space, I hope, will offer the opportunity for writers to post their questions about the process. I will try to answer these queries or direct you to where you might find a solution. I love questions.

  • The first thing my editor told me to do was to read From Dissertation to Book, Second Edition by William Germano (2013). She was right! Before you do anything else, do this! If you have read it, read it again!
  • Up next:  The proposal




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