19th Century:  Production. Process. Media.


  1. “About” Semiotics, by Daniel Chandler

    Because we all have to begin somewhere: social codes, textual codes, interpretative codes. Link will lead you to other fascinating tidbits like encoding/decoding, rhetorical tropes, denotations, connotation, myth and other hammers and nails to get you through the day.



  2. gcook52 says:

    Hi I wrote to you about two years ago – maybe more – have you still got the Café Racer?? would love to know how you are getting on with it if you still have it

  3. Richard Moll says:

    I have not felt rage in decades. For a name, give me a name. If not on his body, then on his marker I will spend it.
    I was not there. Or being there, have no memory of it.

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